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Put in the Hard Work

Hard work. Consistency. Never giving up.

Fighting through mental battles & life lessons every day but never giving up on them because they have only made a stronger woman. The woman in the picture, she’s happy being alone and learning how to love the stages of life she is going through, she knows who she is and she is so in love with life, she’s never going to give up no matter how tough the battle is.

I’m not saying life is easy nor is the journey of being your best self. But consistency & never giving up on yourself is so so important when it comes to working on you — FOR. YOU. It took me a very long time to learn that I’m doing this fitness journey for myself, not others around me and not for my clients… for me: so I can inspire those around me & my clients to continue to push through the battles that life throws at you because nothing is greater than you fighting bc you are worthy for what you dream of.

I am in a season of life where I am living out my dreams to build and live out bigger dreams in my life. I’m putting myself first above all situations which is never something that has been easy for me. I’m living out my dreams that I’ve dreams about for years but I was too scared to do… I have my own clients - I’m helping others grow within themselves & reach their goals through health & fitness - I’m building an empire for myself - I’m learning new things each day that can better myself and my clients.

& I am here. for. it.

Never stop working — never give up on yourself — NEVER EVER PUT YOURSELF AS A LAST PRIORITY.

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