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Be Your Own Champion

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Life can be hard, but becoming your own champion doesn't have to be. The rewards are always worth it. Do not give up just because things have become hard for a second.

“I'll be the last one standing, two hands in the air; I am a champion. I live for the battle to fight, I am a soldier.”

Be your own champion. I made this blog to find out who I was again, and who I am becoming; to write my thoughts into words that might help others around me. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I have named my fitness/coaching business after the Carrie Underwood song “The Champion.” The beginning of the songs says “I’ll be the last one standing, two hands in the air I am a champion…. I live for the battle I’m a soldier.” These lyrics have stuck with me ever since I heard this song for the first time. I always have to listen to it at least once a day, especially when I work out; it really gets me pumped for the lift I have planned for the day.

I want you to become your own champion. Write your story for you; write your story for the love of what you are doing, not what other people believe you should be doing or want you to be doing instead. Your life is your story, and you should want to be proud of that story, not matter how hard the struggles are along the way and how many times you want to quit. Let’s be honest, you are going to get hurt along the way, you are going to lose people that you thought were your close friends or family, but you are also going to gain people along the way that will always be ready to fight for you in your corner of this crazy thing we call life. In the midst of all of this, do not lose sight of who you are or the goals you are trying to achieve.

I lost myself for a while. I lost who I was and who I wanted to become. I was so focused on making others around me happy, I didn’t even think twice about focusing on my happiest or things that make me the happiest. I was going through the motions a lot because that it is what I was used to for so long, I didn’t want to step out of my comfort zone to become who I am today. I lost who Ashton was because I was so concerned with who/what others wanted Ashton to be. NEWS FLASH: that’s not how life works. We aren’t supposed to care what other think about us, or the way others feel about the things that we do. 90% of the time in our lives, we are doing things because they make us feel good and those things make us happy; NOT because they make other people happy; but you also have that 10% of the time where we are doing things to make others happy around us. And NO I am not saying that we should be selfish and not do things that make other people happy; I am saying that we should be putting our happiness above others. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so how do you expect the pour into others if you aren’t filling your cup first?

Putting yourself first is HARD. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life because on top of making myself happy, I want to make sure that the others around me are happy too. When I started putting others before me, I lost who I was, I lost my happiness, and the things that make me happy. Nothing made me happy anymore, my anxiety was shit, my depression was shit; I was faking being happy around my friends because I did not know who I was anymore because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t taking care of who I was as a person or even a daughter in Christ.

If you would’ve asked me back then Ashton, I would’ve told you "I have no idea. I have no idea who I am and who I want to become." If you wouldn't asked me 6 months ago where I would be, I would've told you "I don't have a damn clue." If you ask me who I am now, I can tell you I am a daughter of Christ, a lover, a daughter, sister, granddaughter, a health and fitness coach, best friend, strong, independent, willing, disciplined, determined and so much more. Learning how to love myself in every stage of life, no matter where I am, has been the most difficult part for me; but also the most rewarding. If you are in the same journey, let's do it together.

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